Training material
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COMET/MetEd Microwave Remote Sensing: Land and Ocean Applications
COMET/MetEd Basics of Visible and Infrared Remote Sensing Global
COMET/MetEd Introduction to Tropical Meteorology Global
EUMETRAIN, COMET/MetEd EUMETRAIN Vertical Detection of Dust with MSG Global
COMET/MetEd Multispectral Satellite Applications: RGB Products Explained
COMET/MetEd Forecasting Dust Storms, Version 2
COMET/MetEd Microwave Remote Sending Topics Distance Learning Course
COMET/MetEd Satellite Precipitation Products for Hydrological Management in Africa Africa (Region I)
COMET/MetEd How Satellite Observations Impact NWP Global
COMET/MetEd Satellite Altimetry to Monitor the Ocean (Jason-2) Global
COMET/MetEd Clouds, Precipitation, and Water Vapor
COMET/MetEd Advances in Microwave Remote Sensing: Ocean Wind Speed and Direction
COMET/MetEd Lightning Detection from Space Global
COMET/MetEd Tropical Cyclone Intensity Analysis Global
COMET/MetEd Fog: Its Processes and Impact on Aviation and Aviation Forecasting Global
COMET/MetEd Inferring Three dimensions from Water Vapour Imagery
COMET/MetEd Satellite Monitoring of Atmospheric Composition
COMET/MetEd Volcanic Ash: Observations and Dispersion Modelling Global
COMET/MetEd Advanced Satellite Sounding: Benefits of Hyperspectral Sounding Global
COMET/MetEd GOES-R GLM: Introduction to the Geostationary Lightning Mapper
COMET/MetEd Sea Ice and Products and Services of the US National Ice Center
COMET/MetEd Monitoring the Wildland Fire Cycle Global
COMET/MetEd Monitoring the Climate System with Satellites Global
COMET/MetEd Atmospheric Dust Global
COMET/MetEd Advances in Space-based Nighttime Visible Observation