Space Weather Portal

Space Weather Product Portal

The WMO Space Weather Product Portal is part of the WMO Product Access Guide. It offers near-real time access to a selection of space weather information products that are routinely generated by space weather centres worldwide participating in the WMO ICTSW. Products are freely available on this portal for discovery, demonstration and training purposes. For operational applications, it is recommended to contact the providing centre in order to confirm the fitness for purpose, and define appropriate delivery mechanisms.

Using the Space Weather Product Portal

  • Quick search: type a keyword (e.g. “TEC”, "solar" ) in the search window on top-right of this screen
  • Simple search: select Simple search and navigate through the sub-domains in the left-hand menu
  • Advanced search: select Advanced Search for more search criteria (Region, organization)

The full list of Product collectionsExpert groups, or Training material related to Space Weather is also accessible through the links below.

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