The WMO Centre of Excellence in Training for Satellite Meteorology in Muscat was founded in January 2006. EUMETSAT is the main sponsor of this CoE and runs collaborative training events with the centre.

The aims of the centre are:

Training event at VLab Oman, 2010.

1-    Addressing the training needs in remote sensing applications for Middle East Countries and especially in Satellite Meteorology;

2-    Establishing and promoting the concepts of the Virtual Laboratory (VLab) for Training and Education in Satellite Meteorology, by organizing training sessions and using VLab online training tools;

3-    Establishing and organizing a Regional Focus Group that is able to meet online, carrying out weather briefing discussions, seminars and other related meetings on a regular basis.


Contacting Centre of Excellence Oman:

CoE website:

Head of CoE: Humaid Ali Al Bad – Oman Directorate of Meteorology

Main Point of Contact: Zamzam Alrawahi – Oman Directorate of Meteorology