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The South African Weather Service (SAWS) Center of Excellence (CoE) was approved in 2009, and joined an elite group of countries approved by the WMO to provide specialized Meteorological training. The CoE in Pretoria has been host to many training events in recent years, including the PUMA training for MSG in 2005 where delegates from African countries received their first training sessions for the new MSG products. Since that time, many training events, both local and International have been hosted at SAWS, in our pursuit of accreditation as a CoE.

In November 2006 the HPTE was hosted by SAWS, and attended by delegates from all over the world. Each year the SAWS plays host to a satellite training event, where delegates from all over Africa are invited to attend. These training events include a recap of basic image interpretation, as well as advancements in technology and the latest satellite derived products that can be used in forecasting, now-casting and climatic research.

PUMA training, February 2011.

PUMA training, February 2011.

In February and March 2011 the SAWS hosted the AMESD training event, where the first part of the training was dedicated to the new PUMA workstations which have been installed through Africa. The second session of the AMESD training was dedicated to thematic training.

At the beginning of May 2011, the SAWS hosted the WMO HR workshop over a 3 day period. Delegates from Many different African countries were in attendance.

WMO HR workshop.

The SAWS CoE not only conducts training events on its premises in Pretoria, South Africa, but the CoE also hosts monthly Regional Focus Group Discussions (RFG) for Southern Africa. These sessions highlight recent weather events in the region, and include a weather briefing. Students from the University of Pretoria, who are enrolled in the Meteorology Honours program, are encouraged to present their research findings in this forum as well. Regional Meteorological Centers are also encouraged to join these sessions and contribute to the sharing of information across the African continent and the world. The trainers at the CoE also lecture at various International training events on request.

The SAWS CoE prides itself on having a training facility that is staffed by dedicated Meteorologists who specialize in Remote sensing, Aviation, Observations as well as Marine and Specialized forecasting.


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