Conceptual Models for Southern Hemisphere

Conceptual Models for Southern Hemisphere (CM4SH) is a joint project between four southern hemispheric Centres of Excellence: Argentina, Australia, Brazil and South Africa. The project is co-funded by WMO and EUMETSAT. The first CM4SH project was completed in March 2014.  The new CM4SH project was launched in January 2015, this time reinforced with the expert group from The Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics, Indonesia (BMKG).

The purpose of the project is to improve warnings and awareness of weather risks through the use of conceptual models.

Our objectives of the project are to produce and make available resources about Conceptual Models for the CoE areas of interest. We also intend to make these resources also available for other training institutions within our regions. We wish to increase the operational forecasters’ understanding of the weather systems with the help of Conceptual Models.

Our main task is to prepare full Conceptual Model descriptions, and stepwise add more CMs into the online catalog. Along with this, we will record and update a Literature list and Inventory of existing CMs on Southern Hemisphere and collect interesting Cases.

Deliverable Status URL
Literature List Published 2014 View
Inventory of existing Conceptual Models on Southern Hemisphere Published 2014 View
Quick Look Cases Published 2014 View
Conceptual Models Published 2014 & 2016 View


Project Presentations from Phase I

Final Report – Phase I