Other reports

Centres of Excellence and supporting Satellite Operators and Agencies are required to prepare reports about their VLab activities. A summary of VLab training activities from all CoEs, together with VLab future plans and directions, are also compiled into annual reports and presented to CGMS and ET-SUP. All reports available can be downloaded from the lists below.

Latest reports:

Date Reports
April 2022 VLab report to CGMS-50
Dec/2020 to Nov/2021 VLab CoEs individual  Report 2021
VLab SatOps individual  Report 2021

Past reports:

Date Report
May 2020 VLab report to CGMS-48
Dec/2018 to Nov/2019 Summary Report 2019   All individual Reports 2019 Summary_Activities_2019
May 2019 VLab report to CGMS-47
Feb 2019 VLab report to IPET-SUP-5
Dec/2017 to Nov/2018 VLab CoEs Summary Report 2018   VLab Sat Ops Summary Report 2018 All individual Reports 2018 Summary_Activities_2018
June 2018 VLab report to CGMS-46
Feb 2018 VLab report to IPET-SUP-4
January to December 2017   VLab CoEs Summary Report 2017   VLab Sat Ops Summary Report 2017   All individual Reports 2017 Summary_Activities_2017
June 2017 VLab report to CGMS-45
April 2017 VLab report to IPET-SUP-3
January to December 2016  CoE reports 2016 – Zip file: 2.2 MB  Sat Ops reports 2016 – Zip file: 1.6 MB  VLab Summary Report 2016
May 2016 VLab report to CGMS-44
March 2016 VLab report to IPET-SUP-2, CM4SH report to IPET-SUP-2
January to December 2015 CoE reports 2015 – Zip file: 1.6 MB  Sat Ops reports 2015 – Zip file: 671 KB  Summary of Reports 2015
May 2015 VLab report to CGMS-43
March 2015 VLab report to IPET-SUP-1
January to December 2014 CoE reports – Zip file, 3 MB  Summary of Reports
May 2014 VLab report to CGMS-42
April 2014 VLab report to ET-SUP-8
September 2012 to December 2013 CoE reports – Zip file, 2 MB
July 2013 VLab report to CGMS-41
May 2013 VLab report to ET-SUP-7
September 2011 to August 2012 CoE reports – Zip file, 15MB
September 2011 to August 2012 SatOp&Ag reports – Zip file, 6MB
October 2012 VLab report to CGMS-40
September 2011 VLab report to CGMS-39
July to December 2010 CoE reports – Zip file, 1.5MB
November 2010 VLab report to CGMS-38
 January to June 2010 CoE reports – Zip file, 2MB
May to December 2009  CoE reports – Zip file, 1.4MB
October 2009 VLab report to CGMS-37
September 2008 to April 2009  CoE reports – Zip file, 696KB
October 2008 VLab report to CGMS-36