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The first WMO Training Workshop on Diagnosis and Prediction of Monthly and Seasonal Atmospheric Variations was held in Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (NUIST) (former Nanjing Institute of Meteorology) in October 1990 which opened a prelude to the international meteorological education and training in China. The WMO Regional Association II (Asia) recommended that WMO Regional Training Centre set up at Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology in 1992. Approved by the Executive Council of WMO in 1993,WMO Regional Training Centre (RTC) Nanjing was established . The purpose of the RTC is to assist WMO Members, in particular developing countries and least developed countries, in obtaining adequately trained staff to meet Members‘ responsibilities for providing meteorological, hydrological and related information and services

WMO RTC Nanjing.

Under the leadership of China Meteorological Administration (CMA) and NUIST, with co-sponsorship of WMO and the Ministry of Commerce of China, the Centre has so far held 51 international and 15 bilateral training courses until May 31,2011. More than 1200 senior meteorologists from 127 countries and regions in Asia, South-West Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and East Europe participated in the courses. It has, therefore, become an important base to train meteorologists from WMO Members and made significant contributions to the development of meteorological communities across the world.

In May 2010, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of international training, Professor Jarraud, Secretary-General of WMO, emphasized that “the 20th anniversary of international training of WMO Regional Training Centre Nanjing is a major milestone event in the area of international meteorological and academic community. WMO therefore sees the role of RTC-Nanjing as a key contribution of China, through CMA and NUIST, to sustainable development and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).”  WMO therefore issued a special Certificate of Achievement for the Centre.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, the World Meteorological Organization expresses its recognition for its significant support to the 20-year international training in meteorology and the WMO Regional Training Center in Nanjing. An important contribution of the People’s Republic of China to sustainable development and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals

Students in a classroom course organised by the VLab CoE Nanjing.

The major courses offered at the Centre include Application and Interpretation of Numerical Weather Prediction Products, Long-range Weather Forecasting, Short-range Climate Prediction, Monsoon Meteorology, Radar Meteorology, Satellite Meteorology, Agrometeorology, Use and Maintenance of Meteorological Instruments,Weather Modification, Meteorological Management, Meteorological Information Service, Multi-hazard Early Warning, Tropical Cyclone, Climate Change and its Impact, Adaptation and Mitigation etc… The period of each training course ranges from two weeks to thirteen weeks, depending on contents of the courses and requirements of the trainees‘ countries.

Most instructors of the Centre are from the University. They have not only rich knowledge and teaching experiences but also fluency of English. In addition, a number of famous professors and experts from both China and abroad are often invited to give lectures.

Besides gymnasium, sports ground, stadium and swimming pool of the university, the Centre itself owns many facilities such as satellite TV system, computer network, guest house, classrooms, reading room and billiards room etc, creating an excellent environment for participants‘ study, leisure time and relaxation.

Admitted by the WMO Executive Council, Beijing Component of WMO Regional Training Centre Nanjing was established in 2002. Bejing Component has held international training courses on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Climate Change , Satellite Meteorology, Agrometeorology and Nowcasting. They have also been to Vietnam and Macau for the training.

The great contributions the Centre has made to the international meteorological community received high praises from WMO, training course participants and their NMHSs. Mr. Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General of WMO, Dr. J. W. Zillman and Prof. G.O.P. Obasi, former President and Secretary-General of WMO, and many other senior WMO officers visited the Centre, and expressed their appreciations to the Centre.


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Head of CoE: Dr. Li Beiqun – Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST)

Main point of contact: Professor MA Tinghuai – College of International Students, NUIST