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China Meteorological Administration Training Centre (CMATC), originated from its predecessor the Beijing Meteorological College, is a national higher continuing education and on-the-job training institution for meteorological departments. It is also designated as Beijing Component of WMO Regional Training Centre in China, and recognized as WMO/CGMS Virtual Laboratory Centre of Excellence. CMATC is mainly involved in: continuing education for the administrative staff at middle or higher levels and the professionals with intermediate and senior titles in meteorological departments; training on meteorological operations and related high-tech promotion and application; training of instructors; meteorological distance education; compilation of meteorological training materials; guidance to its sub-centres and training centres at provincial level; training for meteorological professionals and managerial staff from Asia and other developing countries. Besides, CMATC has a national meteorological literature centre, the CMA Library. CMATC also serves as a research and advisory body of CMA, which is tasked with CMA meteorological development along with human resource exchange and international cooperation service.

CMATC has a core team of dedicated and well-known experts, with a host of young and middle-aged academic backbones. At present, the training centre has a faculty of 191 members, including one Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, three doctoral supervisors, and eighty professionals with senior technical titles. Over the past decades, the development of meteorological service and the capacity-building of professionals have been the focus of the Centre since its inception in 1954. With improved capabilities, a new integrated training system has been established, with its priorities being given to modern meteorological training, management training, distance education, and international training, supported by library information and consulting services.

Meteorological Education and Training

Over the past decade, CMATC has set up an operational education and training system with Chinese meteorological characteristics through constant explorations and innovations. This includes the establishment of two training bases for managerial staff and forecasting professionals, three platforms for resource-shared training on climate monitoring and weather forecasting, for distance E&T and information sharing, and for meteorological S&T information and knowledge sharing. Fruitful achievements have been made in the CMATC teaching and research, making a positive contribution to training a large number of qualified personnel in support of the development of meteorological services. The large-scale training of director-generals in rotation, directors of county-level meteorological bureaus and weather forecasters at the national and provincial levels have been carried out in CMATC, having effectively promoted the establishment of meteorological personnel system and the training system, and playing an important role in enhancing the overall staff qualifications of the meteorological departments in China.

International Training and Exchange

The year 2003 witnessed the establishment of Beijing Component of WMO Regional Training Centre (RTC) Nanjing, and then in 2007 CMATC was designated as “WMO/CGMS Virtual Laboratory of Excellence”. In recent years, CMATC has strengthened its exchanges with WMO and meteorological education institutions of other countries by actively conducting a variety of international training courses on disaster prevention and mitigation, climate change, satellite meteorology, agro-meteorology, nowcasting and weather modification, etc.. In addition, CMATC has carried out international training in Vietnam, Macao SAR and other countries or regions.


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